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Spotlight: Hungary & Italy

Multinationals that operate in Europe have to constantly adapt to new eInvoicing and reporting mandates imposed by local tax administrations. Italy and Hungary are examples of the latest countries in the region to impose these types of mandates. Organizations with operations in these markets need to prepare their ERP systems for the upcoming mandates that will heavily impact IT and Finance departments. Leaders of these departments that are responsible for their ERP need to have a regional/global strategy to efficiently comply with mandates and keep their businesses running smoothly.

Join our webinar as we dive into Europe's 2018 mandates like Italy and Hungary. We'll outline requirements, formats, penalties for non-compliance, and more.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The highlights of the legislation and its impact on finance and IT teams
  • Recommendations on how multinationals can ensure compliance with each mandate
  • The benefits of a global, wholistic approach to compliance
  • How to avoid potential risks, including operational and IT support issues

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