How to Conquer State Reporting Like the Experts

Recorded Webinar

Are you confident you are meeting state reporting requirements?
State reporting requirements vary drastically from state to state and are constantly changing. Most businesses spend countless hours scouring state websites to keep track of these requirements and ensure they won’t be fined. Luckily, our team of tax lawyers and regulatory experts have done the hard work for you. At Sovos we file 620 million forms a year with the IRS and the states and have filled this webinar with the same strategies we use to accurately file hundreds of millions of forms.
View our recorded webinar in which we discuss:
  • Proven strategies for ensuring compliance with your state reporting requirements
  • The most common mistakes business make that lead to non-compliance
  • A detailed breakdown of the differences between nexus and residency
  • The most up-to-date facts and figures on state reporting penalties
Plus, hear from tax professionals like you. They discuss how automation has enabled them to refocus their attention away from state reporting and back on their most important business goals.
Experts on the webinar include:
  • Wendy Walker, Solution Principal, Sovos
  • Gerry Nelligan, Manager of Regulatory Analysis, Sovos
  • Laurie Martel, Product Owner – Tax Reporting, Capital One
  • Joe Oddi, CFO, MassMutual and Data Management Consultant
  • John Kreger, ETAAC Member with the IRS and Director of Product Management, Sovos
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