Ley de Pago a 30 Días: ¿Sabe cómo evitar sanciones financieras e intereses en los pagos de sus facturas?

Sovos Webinar

FECHA: 16 de enero de 2020
HORA: 11:00 AM (Santiago)
DURACIÓN: 60 minutos

With the enactment of Law 21,131, better known as the 30-Day Payment Law, Chile has been at the forefront of other countries in Latin America benefiting the cash flow for small and medium taxpayers, reducing unfair competition practices and encouraging tax compliance. 

Although the central axis of the law consists in establishing a specific term for the payment of invoices, there is also the implementation of electronic dispatch guides, transfer of invoices (factoring), claim of electronic documents and all the adjustments to the process of Business around these changes.

Join us on the webinar we have created so that you can organize your work teams, your ERP and your technological infrastructure in an efficient way, eliminating bureaucracy and expediting payment to suppliers.

During this session our experts will teach you all about:

  • 30-Day Payment Law: introduction, business benefits and taxpayer obligations
  • Solutions aimed at maintaining compliance with regulations


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