Webinar: India E-Invoicing: Why a GSP is not your one-stop shop compliance solution

Sovos Webinar

DATE HOSTED: April 2nd, 2020
DURATION: 45 minutes

India’s GST Council has officially delayed the go-live date for its clearance reform to 1 October 2020 and with it revisions were made to the specifications that affected the schema structure: changing the mandatory fields as well as the data required to complete them. 

If you are only focused on the final connectivity piece (known in India as GSPs), you are overlooking 90% of your compliance project. A GSP provides the government stamp, but in order to integrate with any of the 29 Indian GSPs, you must have SAP localized and configured to export invoice data in the mandatory government data format. And with this format evolving, how can you stay current?

Watch our webinar to learn why a GSP alone cannot manage:

  • SAP localizations – OSS often have gaps or worse, create huge regression-testing projects for companies running a global SAP instance
  • Functional data mapping – someone has to understand the government data requirements as there will be mandatory & conditional fields that will fail validation when sent to the government
  • End to End support -both locally as well as any process issues that arise within SAP

In a trend that’s gathering pace worldwide, the Indian tax authority is simply the latest to demand greater visibility of your business transactions, you need a partner that can grow with you as more changes inevitably come.

Webinar Hosts:

Filippa Jornstedt
Senior Regulatory Counsel

Oscar Caicedo
VP, Strategy & Operations - VAT

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