On Demand Webinar: Mind the Gap: Five Areas your Manual SAP Process Falls Short in Mexico

Sovos On Demand Webinar

DATE HOSTED: May 21st, 2020
DURATION: 60 minutes

Every aspect of Mexico e-invoicing is complex and the SAT has visibility into all of your transactions. Running spreadsheets for pagos and e-accounting is no longer an option for multinational organizations and a PAC integration is not always the right answer.

All PACs offer a Timbre Fiscal for CFDI, or signing on behalf of the government. From an end to end solution perspective, that is only 10% of the solution. Who owns the other 90% of the process at your company? And what do you do to integrate each UUIDs into your ERP and create your e-accounting reports?

Join to learn the questions you must be asking:
  • Who supports the integration of the local solutions? Who builds, maintains, and supports the mapping?
  • Who is responsible for extracting the data out of your ERP system and converting it into the format required for certification?
  • What happens when you have a business that invoices you but then immediately cancels?

Webinar Hosts:

Billy Kazantzis
Director, Product Management 

Andres Camacho
Product Manager

Ramon Frias
Regulatory General Counsel