On Demand Webinar: Brazil E-Invoicing: 3 Leaks in your AP process you definitely missed

Sovos On Demand Webinar

DATE HOSTED: April 22nd, 2020
DURATION: 60 minutes

Because of Brazil’s stringent regulatory landscape, the AP and P2P processes can be quite burdensome and manual without proper visibility and control. Although a large part of the market still thinks that the Inbound Invoice is only applied in cases of goods acquisition, it can also be carried out when a customer returns a product. Cash flow impact on missed deductions can add up, and quickly.

You must make sure your companies AP strategy includes an automation approach supported by the different fiscal mandates globally. For Brazil and many other countries in LATAM, a fiscally valid and accepted XML is the first step before starting any fiscal and/or commercial acceptance; manual validations and other manual labor can make up 60% of your total AP expense.

We cover:

  • The major leaks in your AP process, including how manual entry of data can cost $12- $17 per invoice
  • The importance of visibility into your data- 20% of invoices remain with exceptions
  • How our new AP Monitor will establish better quality tax reports (SPEDs) helping you avoid penalties and errors in an integrated and unique place in SAP 

Webinar Hosts:

Billy Kazantzis
Director, Product Management R&D

Gessandro Carvalho
Sr. Technical Product Manager

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