TIR Corporate Solution Demo

As requirements for 1099 reporting change and become more complex, your business has to spend more time and resources to meet the challenge of staying compliant. Luckily, Sovos is here to help!

This short demo will highlight the following capabilities:

  • How to import your data into our easy-to-use system
  • Our data validation process and how to make corrections
  • All of our solution’s unique capabilities to manage your data

The upcoming 2020 Tax Season also includes a significant change to the 1099-MISC and its Box 7. Companies will now be required to file the new 1099-NEC (the replacement of Box 7). This demo also highlights how Sovos can help your business easily adapt to this last minute change!

Allow Sovos’ team of experts take care of all your reporting needs and take the stress off of your compliance teams.

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