Crypto Confusion: How to Prepare for
Tax Information Reporting on Cryptocurrency Transactions

Sovos Webinar

DURATION: 60 Minutes

Despite the IRS Commissioner confirming that clarification is forthcoming, the IRS has yet to release guidance related to the taxation of cryptocurrency and digital asset transactions. Thus, confusion remains regarding how crypto exchange platforms and other intermediaries should report transactions to both investors and the IRS alike.

With guidance pending, what reporting requirements currently exist? How can you prepare for what’s to come? On this recorded webinar from Lukka and Sovos, we help answer these questions. 

During this 60-minute session, we cover:

  • Current state of tax requirements across the ecosystem of crypto assets
  • Challenges of 1099 reporting and available methods and tools
  • Lukka and Sovos tools and solutions.
  • And more!

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