Captive developments against a changing and more digitised risk landscape

Duration: 1 hour (including Q&A)

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Watch our webinar to find out our insights in how captives continue to be a popular way for organisations to finance risk but captives’ roles and operations have to develop to keep pace and maintain relevance. Captive premiums and asset bases continue to grow driven by both deeper and broader utilisation with a broader range of lines written to respond to the changing risk landscape, which creates new challenges. Against this backdrop, we’ll be hosting a webinar alongside representatives from Aon and Zurich giving attendees an update on the latest developments in the captive world, exploring if captives are still relevant, how they can be used innovatively and how they maintain compliance.

Watching the on-demand webinar will allow participants to be able to:

  • Speak about the latest captive developments
  • Understand why captives are used
  • Discuss the premium tax implications relating to captives
  • Speak about out the innovative lines of insurance captives can be used for