On Demand Webinar: IPT: Location of risk rules

Sovos IPT On Demand Webinar: Location of risk rules

DATE HOSTED: 16/06/2021
DURATION: 60 minutes including Q&A

In order to determine the appropriate premium taxation to apply to a written premium; the location of risk attributed to the underlying risk must be established. When dealing with complex multi-country insurance policies, it can lead to some complications for many insurers. With penalties, double taxation and reputational damage to take into consideration, the importance of ensuring that the insurers calculation and apportionment procedure is robust is ever increasing.

Topics will include:

  • Sources for identification of the Location of risk

  • Location of risk vs Location of the policyholder

  • Worked examples

Our Speakers:

James Brown
Principle Compliance Services Representative

Hooda Greig
Senior Compliance Services Representative

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Important Person
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