On Demand Webinar: Yes, You Can! Compliant, Streamlined Direct-to-Consumer Beer Shipping for Breweries of All Sizes

Webinar On Demand: Yes, You Can! Compliant, Streamlined Direct-to-Consumer Beer Shipping for Breweries of All Sizes

DATE RECORDED: Wednesday, May 5, 2021
DURATION: 1 hour including Q&A

While direct-to-consumer (DtC) beer is an emerging market — with interstate DtC shipping only allowed by some 13 states — interest is strong and growing among both beer lovers and brewers alike. In fact, recent research finds that 73% of regular craft beer drinkers say the pandemic has increased their interest in purchasing craft beer via DtC shipping.

For brewers considering entering this channel, there's a lot to consider in terms of regulatory compliance and building a successful online beer sales platform. But it can be done! In this webinar, the experts from Sovos ShipCompliant and Craftpeak take a look at how to get started or to grow your DtC sales. Topics include:

  • How DtC shipping of beer is governed by states, and where it is and isn’t permitted
  • Regulatory gotchas and look-outs when building a DtC beer shipping program
  • E-commerce best practices for breweries launching or optimizing their DtC shipping channel

Watch now to gain an understanding of DtC beer shipping laws and as well as key factors for success in selling beer online.

Our Speakers:

Alex Koral
Senior Regulatory Counsel, Sovos ShipCompliant

John Kelley
CEO, Craftpeak

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About Sovos ShipCompliant and Craftpeak

This webinar also briefly introduces the Craftpeak-ShipCompliant integration. The combined expertise provided by the new partnership between Sovos Shipcompliant and industry-leading digital development firm Craftpeak offers craft breweries an efficient and effective path to achieving DtC sales success. Tapping the extensive craft brewing industry experience of Craftpeak’s development team and the compliance expertise of Sovos ShipCompliant, craft beverage companies can leverage the value of their brands across consumer channels at a national scale, providing new opportunities for diversification of revenue streams while enhancing cash flow stability and the bottom line.