OmniChannel Retailers: Consider Sales Tax for your Q4 Strategy

eTail Virtual Presentation

DATE: September 29, 2020
DURATION: 20 minutes

Every customer transaction has a sales tax implication. It is the responsibility of retailers to have their business systems configured to account for factors such as shipping costs, product discounts, or tax-exempt products to ensure a seamless customer experience. For this to happen, you need to account for any potential nuance across all customer-facing platforms, including online marketplaces.

Sales tax will continue to play an important role in the year-end reporting process and getting it right from the start is critical. Playing catch up after the fact is a losing proposition.

LedgerGurus joins Sovos in this session to share how having the right software helps their teams better manage sales tax implications. Our expert speakers will inform the audience on the importance of having the right tools in place to make the transaction process seamless for customers, while also making it easy for finance on the backend..

After watching, you will understand:

  • Which sales tax considerations eTailers need to focus on
  • The role of sales tax in building and maintaining customer relationships
  • Best practices for assuring data accuracy and easing the burden of financial reporting

Tim Roden
Sovos Solutions Principal

Kexin Smith
LedgerGurus Sales Tax Team Lead 

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