Webinar: How GoKeyless Survives and Thrives amid Wayfair Confusion

Sovos Webinar

DATE HOSTED: February 27, 2020
DURATION: 60 minutes

As states implement new taxing regulations following the Wayfair decision, businesses are rethinking their processes when it comes to tax compliance.

GoKeyless, one of the countries largest suppliers of keyless locks, is no exception. Previously filing only in Ohio, GoKeyless struggled with exemption certificate management and accurate tax calculations as their ecommerce platform expanded their nexus footprint to 24 states.

Now we’re collaborating with GoKeyless to share their journey in finding a tax solution compatible with their NetSuite environment.

Join the conversation as we discuss:

  • Balancing compliance with business growth
  • Best practices for maintaining accuracy and efficiency
  • The importance of finding a partner in tax

Webinar Hosts:

Tim Roden
Sovos Manager, Solutions Engineer

Skip Graham
NetSuite Administrator at GoKeyless

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