On Demand Webinar: Reduce your Sales Tax Burden and Risk with a Certified Service Provider

Sovos On Demand Webinar

DATE HOSTED: 06/02/2020
DURATION: 45 minutes

With a focus on maintaining operations, the last thing business leaders need is the additional burden of managing increased tax complexity. Resources are at a premium and many teams don’t have an efficient process in place to correctly calculate and remit taxes.

Thankfully, there are programs available that can help minimize your risk and reduce your spend on sales tax compliance.

In this webinar, our experts will:

  • Explain the fundamentals of Certified Service Provider (CSP) programs across Pennsylvania and the Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) states
  • Discuss qualifications for program participation & volunteer sellers
  • Share key insight on what to expect from your experience leveraging a CSP

Webinar Hosts:

Chuck Maniace
VP, Regulatory Analysis

Kaitlyn Smethurst
Associate Counsel

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