On Demand Webinar: 3-phased approach to setting up your ecommerce channel for sales tax success

Sovos On Demand Webinar

DATE HOSTED: 03/23/2021
DURATION: 45 minutes

“Sales and use tax doesn’t need to be one of the complexities that stand in the way of your great idea...avoid getting bogged down with what’s not in your wheelhouse so you can instead focus on your core competency: running your business.” - Terry Melnik, general manager, sales and use tax

Whether your ecommerce venture is the first step in your business launch or the next phase of your growth strategy, it pays to cover your bases when setting up your online sales tax. Inaccurate calculations may result in lost revenue, but getting it right can increase profits and improve your customer’s experience.

Join Sovos and ecommerce accounting firm, LedgerGurus, to learn:

  • How available and accurate online sales tax calculations translate to revenue growth
  • How returned merchandise, redeemed gift cards and use of fulfillment centers impact your sales tax calculations and reporting
  • The importance of consolidating your tax determination to ensure consistent and accurate sales tax calculations across all sales channels

Webinar Hosts:

Tim Roden
Sovos Solutions Principal

Brittany Brown 
LedgerGurus CEO

Kexin Smith
LedgerGurus Sales Tax Manager

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