On Demand Webinar: How to File your Arizona Sales Tax Return

Sovos On Demand Webinar

DATE HOSTED: 03/03/2021
DURATION: 30 mins + Q&A

With state, county and city level taxes, Arizona filers need a good grasp on their sales tax data to complete an accurate sales tax return. Exempt sales have a specific deduction code for almost every transaction type, and filing in this state gets more complicated as your organization grows more complex in structure or product diversity.

In this session, our filing team discussed:

  • Details required to file the Arizona TPT-2 form
  • Reporting multiple business entities or locations
  • eFiling your Arizona sales tax return

Webinar Hosts:

Rose Petock
Supervisor, Regulatory Analysis & Design

Taryn Flint
Sr. Compliance Services Representative

Dylan Johnston
Compliance Services Representative

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