Easily Report Sales Tax
from Your Ecommerce Channels

Connect your online marketplaces to an accurate and reliable filing solution

File efficiently with our library of pre-built connectors

Whether you’re a small company just starting out in ecommerce or a larger omnichannel seller, online marketplaces and ecommerce sites are essential sales channels for many businesses. While many platforms offer built-in tax determination to help calculate sales tax at each point of sale, those transactions need to be captured, processed and filed onto sales tax returns each month or quarter to maintain compliance in many of the jurisdictions you sell in.

With our library of filing connectors, you can connect your ecommerce store or marketplace to Sovos Filing in minutes, pulling your transaction data into Sovos automatically so we can take the burden of filing your returns off the table. 

Key benefits include:

  • A simple one-minute activation process for this “set and forget” connection
  • Assurance that your transactions are sent throughout the month, avoiding late submissions
  • Reduced time spent on data reconciliation, return preparation and filing
  • No need to waste time manually importing data each month
  • Consolidation of transactional data in tandem with your ERP platform or exclusively from your ecommerce stores

The following platforms are currently supported by Sovos Filing Connectors: