On Demand Webinar: Why Finance Directors need to be prioritising VAT

Sovos OnDemand Webinar: Why Finance Directors need to be prioritising VAT

DATE HOSTED: 2nd June 2021
DURATION: 60 minutes including Q&A

Tax has a significant impact on all aspects of business. As the tax landscape evolves over time, it is important finance leaders make it a priority.

Given the pressing need to remain compliant, it is important to avoid systematic errors which can lead to non-compliance and costly fines. The transition to continuous transaction controls (CTCs) and the digitization of VAT reporting mean that it’s more important that ever to assess a company’s tax position and create effective systems for current and future tax requirements.

With constant changes to navigate, tax should be at the forefront of planning. VAT needs a seat at the boardroom table and Christiaan van der Valk, VP Strategy & Regulatory at Sovos, is here to tell you why.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How the digitization of VAT will affect finance teams
  • The latest updates finance teams should be aware of
  • Why tax deserves a seat at the boardroom table
  • Why you should be assessing your systems

Join us to gain a deeper understanding of why tax is crucial to a finance department and why it should be high on the boardroom agenda.

Our Speaker:

Christiaan Van Der Valk
VP, Strategy and Regulatory

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