On Demand Webinar: How IT Teams can Help Manage VAT’s Digital Transformation

Sovos OnDemand Webinar

DATE HOSTED: 22 June 2021
DURATION: 45 minutes including Q&A

Governments across the world are implementing digitally driven tax regulations in an effort to close VAT gaps, minimise fraud and reduce the inefficiencies of paper-based invoices. 

Technology is crucial to the digital transformation of VAT. As tax administrations demand real-time or near real-time data, businesses must ensure their ERP systems can take care of VAT compliance. Successfully managing this transformation requires cooperation between tax, finance and IT teams.

During the session, Sovos’ VAT and technology expert Oscar Caicedo explains how VAT compliance is an IT issue and how using a cloud-based solution with global coverage reduces the risk of non-compliance.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • About the latest regulatory updates in the fast-changing world of VAT compliance
  • Why IT teams should care about VAT’s digital transformation
  • How Sovos’ solution can work within your business systems and help you to meet your global compliance obligations

Our Speaker:

Oscar Caicedo
VP, Product Management, Sovos

Andrew Adams
Editor, Wine Analytics Report, Wines Vines Analytics

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