On Demand Webinar: How to Comply with France’s New E-Invoicing Mandate

Sovos OnDemand Webinar

DATE HOSTED: Thursday 8 July 2021
DURATION: 60 minutes including Q&A

To combat a VAT gap of approx €13 billion, the French tax authority is introducing Continuous Transaction Controls (CTCs) from 2023. The country is implementing a domestic B2B e-invoicing real-time data submission process, as well as e-reporting obligations for all other flows.

Meeting French VAT requirements will become a significant challenge for businesses with this new mandate. The French tax authority will gain access to all data related to B2C and B2B transactions, so automating your business functions will be crucial to avoid penalties and fines.

As one of the EU’s largest economies embraces the global trend towards CTCs, join Sovos’ VAT compliance experts as they explain:

  • The new B2B e-invoice clearance process and how to ensure your business complies with it
  • What must be disclosed via the new e-reporting system
  • The proposed timeline for the mandate roll-out
  • How to prepare for France’s move to CTCs

Our Speakers:

Gabriel Pezzato
Senior Regulatory Counsel, Sovos

Jean-Cyril Schutterle
Director, API and & Channel GTM, Sovos

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