France: One step closer to mandatory clearance e-invoicing

Sovos Webinar

DURATION: 60 minutes

France – like other EU Member States – is seeing new opportunities to introduce mandatory B2B e-invoicing since Italy led the way on 1 January 2019.

The French Minister of Public Accounts and Action has recently taken advantage of the process required to transpose the EU E-Commerce Directive to launch initiatives to curb VAT fraud, including a renewed attempt to create a system of mandatory e-invoicing.

Join this webinar to understand how to anticipate and be prepared for upcoming e-invoicing legislation in France. We’ll also be discussing:

  • What’s been happening in Europe,
  • How we can learn from the global trend towards mandatory government enforced e-invoicing, and
  • How to take advantage of it and remain compliant.

Webinar hosts:

Christiaan van der Valk
VP Strategy

Nadege Vallois
Enterprise Account Executive

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