India: A closer look at the upcoming
e-invoicing reform

Sovos Webinar

Earlier this year, the Indian GST Council commissioned a working group to look into the possibility of introducing mandatory e-invoicing.

Whilst the full details are not yet clear, an outline proposal has been published, and the first phase of the reform should be up-and-running on a voluntary basis by 1 January 2020.

Join this webinar to understand:

  • What the current proposal of the Indian e-invoicing reform looks like.
  • What the reform will mean to your business and when you’re likely to be affected.
  • How the Indian plans compare against similar regimes in other countries and how global trends might affect the work-in-progress that is the Indian e-invoicing reform.

Webinar hosts:

Filippa Jörnstedt
Regulatory Analysis & Design

Huseyin Akca
Regulatory Analysis & Product

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