Webinar: Overcome The Hidden Barriers to AP Tax Compliance

Sovos Webinar

Tax compliance is just as big a challenge for accounts payable (AP) departments as it is for accounts receivable (AR). Companies whose AP resources aren’t aligned with domestic and international tax mandates risk labour-intensive and potentially costly audits, as well as diminished cash flow, supply chain interruptions and strained supplier relationships.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How global and regional trends are quickly transforming indirect tax from periodic to ‘always on’
  • The impact on this paradigm shift for business systems, processes and systems generally
  • How to prepare remaining paper-based invoice and order flows so you aren’t caught off guard when automation becomes a tax imperative
  • How to make sure that your diverse AP automation systems can continue to add value while also meeting country-specific e-invoicing requirements
  • What are the critical components of a strategy that helps you use the trend toward continuous transaction controls to drive rather than reverse your digital transformation

Webinar host:

Christian Van Der Valk
VP Strategy

Huseyin Akca
Regulatory Analysis & Product

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