On Demand Webinar: Brazil Tax Determination within your SAP AP process

Sovos On-Demand Webinar

DATE HOSTED: July 16th, 2020
DURATION: 60 minutes

In Part 1 of Sovos Brazil’s Compliance 360° series, we will walk through the difficulties of AP tax determination in Brazil. It is no secret that Brazil has the most stringent and revived regulatory landscape in the world. 

Electronic invoices are only the beginning. The reception process must have a fiscal validation and acknowledgment process as the first step before starting commercial acceptance or other AP workflow automation. Manual validations, multiple vendor portals, and other manual labor can make up 60% of your total AP expense.

You need the ability to:

  • Validate, and review electronic invoices in a single SAP monitor
  • Have the information handy in SAP to execute PO matches or any other business processes
  • Ensure an integrated and unique place in SAP to manage the inbound process

Join our webinar as Billy, Cibele, and Antonio show you your potential ideal world in Brazil- What would an end-to-end solution look like for your team?

Webinar Hosts:

Billy Kazantzis
Director, Product Management 

Cibele Carvahlo
Commercial Director, Taxweb 

Antonio Garcia
Solution Engineering, Brazil 

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