On Demand Webinar: India E-Invoicing: SAP Lessons Learned

Sovos On Demand Webinar

DATE HOSTED: July 23rd, 2020
DURATION: 45 minutes

With India's go-live date for its clearance reform rapidly approaching, it's your last chance to ensure you are compliant by October 1st. 

Sovos is ready to grow with you, as a GSP alone is simply not enough. We are ensuring our customers are up to date as schemas and specifications evolve by codifying these changes as they happen.

Register to understand the implications of the mandate including:

  • SAP localizations – OSS often have gaps or worse, creating huge regression-testing projects for companies running a global SAP instance
  • Functional data mapping – someone must understand the government data requirements as there will be mandatory & conditional fields that will fail validation when sent to the government
  • End to End support -both locally as well as any process issues that arise within SAP

Webinar Hosts:

Selin Ring
Regulatory Counsel

Ayhan Boyacioglu
VP, Product Management

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