On Demand Webinar:

Latin America: Impact of e-invoicing changes on SAP processes

Sovos On Demand Webinar

DATE HOSTED: 13 August 2020
DURATION: 60 minutes

Governments in Latin American countries were the first to adopt ambitious programs toward maximising the benefits of electronic invoicing. However, even in the birthplace of mandatory digital tax controls, 2020 has many new initiatives and legal changes coming up. The pace of these changes can be challenging for companies running a global SAP instance.

Join our Regulatory Analysis and SAP strategy teams as we dive into how these e-invoicing changes will impact your company. E-invoicing compliance means meeting unambiguous technical specifications and adoption deadlines; non-compliance is simply not an option.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Impact of upcoming mandates and VAT legislative changes in LATAM including Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and more
  • Why SAP localisations, functional data mapping and process issues can be a problem for companies operating in this market
  • How to minimise the effect of these changes to your SAP processes

Webinar Speaker:

Valentin Morello
Principle Architect, SAP Practice Manager

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