On Demand Webinar: Navigating Continuous Transaction Controls Across Europe and Avoiding SAP Potholes

Sovos Workshop

DATE HOSTED: 2020-08-25
DURATION: 60 minutes

European countries have followed Latin America’s footsteps on digital tax transformation to narrow their €151 billion VAT gap.

Even though the countries in these regions have differing forms of continuous transaction controls (CTCs), the goal is the same: digital transformation of tax controls. Multinational companies are confronted with the challenge of keeping up to date and compliant with incoming and ever-changing existing mandates.

Join our webinar to hear from our Regulatory Analysis and SAP strategy team on the CTCs that are sweeping across Europe and how to avoid any negative impact to your SAP processes

Join this webinar to understand:

  • CTCs coming across Europe – including a closer look at Spain, Hungary, Greece, and France
  • Why SAP localisations, functional data mapping, and process issues can cause problems for companies operating in this market
  • How to keep up with the digital transformation of tax in Europe

Webinar Speakers:

Ayhan Boyacioglu
VP Product Management

Victor Duarte
Regulatory Counsel

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