Webinar: Why e-archiving is now a problem for Tax Departments

Sovos Webinar

DATE HOSTED: 31 March 2020
DURATION: 60 minutes

The days of self-assessing your company’s VAT position are numbered.

With tax authorities digitizing continuous transaction controls, either clearance e-invoicing or continuous reporting, all the data needed to evaluate your VAT position will be at their fingertips. How confident are you that the tax authority’s summary of your VAT inputs and outputs would be accurate? If you want to contest it, you’ll need robust evidence. If you pay, your cash flow could take a substantial hit – even if you’re entitled to a rebate.

Companies today are also increasingly having to look at running procurement and sales processes from multiple cloud-based platforms. With rules varying widely across different countries, any native archive transaction could inadvertently overlook compliance obligations. Fiscal records stored in disparate archives may be difficult to access when inevitably, an audit happens. How can you avoid the disruption this could cause to your business?

This webinar covers:

  • What conditions must be met so that all your transaction evidence is archived compliantly
  • Why just 'storing' your fiscal records could negatively impact your corporate fiscal health
  • How to implement a consistent, sustainable approach to tax compliance that factors in audit access, privacy, security and storage period, across disparate, third-party archives in the cloud

Webinar Hosts:

Filippa Jörnstedt
Manager, Regulatory Analysis & Design, Sovos

Gabriel Pezzato
Regulatory Counsel, Sovos

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