Webinar: VAT Reporting: Managing Change

Sovos Webinar

DATE HOSTED: 30 June 2020
DURATION: 60 minutes

The VAT compliance obligations businesses face are changing faster than ever and it’s a challenge to keep up. This is especially true for global companies where the complexity and associated workload intensifies for tax and IT teams to meet ever changing local regulations.

The VAT landscape is also shifting. Authorities are postponing planned rule changes in light of COVID-19 and the pace of digitization and policy change across the globe is accelerating as revenue authorities see the benefits of the new digital landscape.

Specialist Managed Services teams who leverage their expertise alongside software solutions can make an enormous difference to your tax compliance resources and processes. And, in the current landscape, it could be the stability your business needs.

Join this webinar to learn:
  • The evolving VAT reporting landscape, including key challenges of keeping up with regulatory change and country complexity
  • How VAT mandates are changing around the world and which countries have new reporting requirements coming, including countries such as Albania, Greece and Poland
  • How having access to crucial support through software and expert analysis will help you comply with current and future tax legislation, easing the risk and burden on your team

Webinar Host

Andrew Hocking
Director, Compliance Services, Sovos

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