On Demand Webinar: The Asian wave of VAT digitization: what’s new as CTCs go East

Sovos On Demand Webinar

DATE HOSTED: November 10th, 2020
DURATION: 60 minutes

More and more countries are embracing the wave of tax digitization and other tax control changes that are currently spreading across the globe. The trend that originated in Latin America – mandatory e-invoices reported in (near) real-time through centralized government platforms - and spread eastward to Europe, is now gathering force and proliferating quickly into the next hot spot for regulatory innovation: Asia.

During 2020, India has gone from thought to decisive action as it rolled out an ambitious e-invoicing mandate, and many other countries -  Vietnam, Thailand, China, Indonesia and Taiwan to name a few - have already begun the implementation of similar regimes or are about to embark on their own Continuous Transaction Control (CTC) journey.

Register to learn:

  • How Asia, the next hotspot for regulatory innovation, is embracing the wave of tax digitization among other tax control changes
  • What countries besides India are about to embark on a Continuous Transaction Control (CTC) journey
  • How Sovos can help future proof your global tax compliance

Webinar Hosts:

Filippa Jornstedt
Senior Regulatory Counsel

Kurt Ring
Global Alliances Manager

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