On Demand Webinar: How to Weather the VAT Compliance Storm

Sovos OnDemand Webinar

DATE HOSTED: Thursday 20 May 2021
DURATION: 60 minutes including Q&A

As countries around the world implement new types of tax reforms, often through Continuous Transaction Controls (CTCs), keeping up with the complex and ever-changing regulations is difficult. Add in the myriad of specific standards for each jurisdiction and VAT compliance becomes a significant challenge.

It is inevitable that the world will continue to follow Latin America's lead with CTCs and the pace of change is only accelerating. Spreadsheets and disparate local solutions are no longer enough to support the digital transformation of VAT.

During this webinar, Sovos' VAT compliance experts cover:

  • How and why governments across the world are digitizing their tax systems
  • The future of global VAT compliance and how you can prepare for it
  • The specific VAT control requirements for many countries, including France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Italy, India and Colombia
  • Why having multiple local solutions is no longer a viable option as VAT goes digital

Our Speakers:

Coskun Antal, Regulatory Specialist

Filippa Jörnstedt, Manager, Regulatory Analysis & Design

Gabriel Pezzato, Senior Regulatory Counsel

Selin Ring, Regulatory Counsel

Victor Duarte, Senior Regulatory Counsel

Alex Koral
Senior Regulatory Counsel, Sovos ShipCompliant

Andrew Adams
Editor, Wine Analytics Report, Wines Vines Analytics

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