Webinar – Portugal introduces new reporting requirements - are you prepared?

Sovos Webinar

DURATION: 1 hour

The Stamp Duty is the oldest tax in the Portuguese tax system, created on the 24th of December 1660s Royal Decree.

From its creation to the present, the control system of the settlement process has barely changed. Contrary to what has been happening in other taxes, the verification of the amounts paid versus amounts received by the State and the tax benefits granted has shown little modernisation. The current system is, therefore, inadequate for the effective control of the settlement of the Stamp Duty, since there is no declaration or settlement system that allows for the effective verification of the tax assessment and benefits.

By introducing the new reporting system, the Portuguese tax authorities, aim to update the Stamp Duty’s control system turning it into a tool for obtention of, amongst others, both accurate information of the real amounts due and accurate statistical and control information.

The webinar covered: 

  • History and Legal Background of Stamp Duty
  • Changes to the Stamp Duty Reporting System
  • Information Required on Stamp Duty’s New Reporting System

You’ll also hear the answers to any key questions asked during the webinar.

This webinar was hosted by Ana Cristina Cardoso and Daniela Dinkova.

Daniela Dinkova
Compliance Services Manager, Sovos

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